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The term "neurotechnology" refers to any technology that helps to describe the functioning of the brain, understand the cognitive faculties and attempt to replicate said faculties.

Artificial neural networks are all those mathematical models inspired by the functioning of the central nervous system.

The study of the artificial neural networks (with its attempt to simulate in hardware and software devices) should be intended as an interdisciplinary and intersectoral subject, to which different disciplines contribute from various angles.

Neurosciences provide us with primary information on the functioning of the bio-chemical neuron and on the dynamics of the synaptic connections; mathematics allow us the numerical modeling of the object of study in question; cognitive psychology and philosophy of the mind provide us with the conceptual definitions of the cognitive faculties of the brain and possible meanings attributable to the term "intelligence"; finally engineering provides us with the technology to simulate the artificial neural networks models and to design devices that go in the direction of ever greater "intelligence" and autonomy.

"Journal of NeuroTechnology", from now on J-NeuroTechnology, wants to be attentive and sensitive to this interdisciplinary vocation of the study of artificial neural networks, giving to the macro-subjects mentioned above the possibility of contributing synergistically to the development of the matter in question.

However, particular emphasis will be given to the description of the engineering devices that demonstrate to be able to replicate the cognitive faculties described by the mathematical architectures developed in the various artificial neural networks models.

This attention to engineering systems that simulate artificial neural networks draws its legitimacy from the knowledge that the proper functioning of an engineering device, which has its own life, is the best demonstration of the correctness of the theoretical models of reference.

The Journal also wants to help making the simulation of artificial neural networks a technological revolution as mature as possible, inspiring engineering solutions in different fields of application.

J-NeuroTechnology aims to be an international point of reference for all those who work with artificial neural networks, trying to contribute to a proper intersectoral dialogue between the macro-subjects defined above.