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Journal of NeuroTechnology is one of the scientific journals of the publishing platform J-Science&Technology. 

The term Neurotechnology refers to any technology that helps to describe the functioning of the brain, to understand the cognitive faculties and to the attempt to replicate these faculties.

This Journal of NeuroTechnology will welcome contributions to the neurosciences capable of expanding the knowledge on the functioning of the brain and special emphasis will be given to neural simulation technologies capable of replicating cognitive faculties in engineering applications.

The journal J-NeuroTechnology intends to centralize the inter-sectoral interests on the subjects of the simulation of artificial neural networks. 

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Companies operating in the field of artificial intelligence and automation in general have the opportunity to advertise their research and development activities through the inclusion, in this portal, of company publications.

These company publications even if are not scientific articles of the journal, are to be intended as authoritative contributions available to the scientific community.

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Journal of NeuroTechnology plans to organize international conferences and meetings to promote the development of neurosciences and technologies related to them.